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Cancellation Policy

//Cancellation Policy
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To reserve your spot on this very limited personal tour a registration/deposit fee is required 6 weeks in advance of your personal (chosen dates) 8 day/7 night tour. The deposit is $500 per couple ($250 per person) and applied to the cost of the tour to lock in your personal chosen time slot for the tour. Once your deposit is made, it is refundable within 48 hours with a written cancellation notice by email or fax. Keep in mind, I am always available to answer any questions either by phone, email, Skype, FB Messenger, FaceTime and WhatsApp before making your reservation and prior to making your deposit. The balance of the tour would be due 3 weeks in advance of the tour. Once your balance is received, and within one week notice of cancellation, in writing, 50% of the balance would be refunded. There is a written cancellation policy for the Manta Ecuador Pacific Coast Tours, and will be by email or fax only.