MEPCT Pricing

Do It Light! 1-6 people

  • 1 or 2 people – $895
  • 3 – 6 people – $495

Do It Right! 1-2 people

  • Single – $1895
  • Couple – $2495
  • 2 people/2 rooms – $1449 each

Do It Right! 3-6 people

  • Single – $1449
  • Couple – $2495
  • 2 people/2 rooms – $1449 each

Relocation Tour Option-Seminars

Do It Right! 1-2 people w/Seminars

  • Single – $2095
  • Couple – $2695

Do It Right! w/Seminars 3-6 people

  • Single – $1649
  • Couple – $2495
  • 2 people/2 rooms – $1449 each

Tour Information

ALL TOURS ARE ‘INTIMATE’ PRIVATE TOURS! The “Do It Right!” tour priced at $1895 per person based on single occupancy, ALL INCLUSIVE! $2495 per couple($1247.50 ea) based on double occupancy, 2 people, 2 rooms $1495, based on 1-2 travelers. 3-6 travelers, singles – $1449, couples – $2495. The “Do It Light!” tour priced at $895 1-2 people, if two then it’s slit the $895, making cost each ONLY$450 each! transportation and tour coordinator fees included. If 3-6 people only $450 ea. 
Airfare to Guayaquil, Ecuador is not included, however the airport hotel is included in your “All Inclusive” tour package.  We even arrange and pay/provide hotel and transportation to Manta from Guayaquil as a part of the inclusive tour price! I’ve flown here 9 times in the last three years, and tried 5 different airlines, etc. However flying to Guayaquil is the airport we use for our tours. BTW…This personal and private tour is competitively priced with a 10 day cruise. And it’s private and not confining to a ship! Please see notes below.**
Also transportation back to your home or further travels is at your expense and we can help you plan your departure to your home or next destination. We have added a ‘RELOCATION’ TOUR , if you are considering a possible move in your future, on this tour, we include professionals to answer questions. I DO NOT SELL real estate, I have no hidden agenda, I simply share my joy of discovering Manabi, Manta Coastal areas. 

Now the All Inclusive tour is designed for 1-2 people. Six is the maximum we accommodate making the tour very private. Remember, your stay can be customized to your desired dates. In 2020, the dates can be chosen between June 2, 2020 – September 22, 2020, May 25, 2021 – September 14, 2021. YOU PICK THE DATES, tours begin in Manta on Tuesday 6pm, and with your deposit, your private tour will be secured. Arrival in Guayaquil should be on Monday before the tour. All stays and 8 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 8 dinners are PREPAID and as a part of the ALL-INCLUSIVE TOUR PRICE on this excursion. Remember, it INCLUDES 8 nights, HOTEL INCLUDED IN TOUR FEE. You will stay in 3 beautiful Pacific Ocean beach communities of Ecuador, BEACHSIDE, beginning in Canoa down to Puerto Lopez, ending back at the starting point, our host Hotel in Manta! In between there are a multitude of Expat beachfront communities. For example, we will be seeing San Vicente, Bahia, San Clemente, Crucita, Santa Marianita and Puerto Cayo. In addition we will see the Playa Los Frailles, a national seashore/beach, with breathtaking views. Importantly, we will visit Montecristi, the home of the “Panama” hat. In Montecristi we will eat lunch at the exclusive setting of the Montecristi Golf Club and do additional shopping and if interested stop by the history museum. The Pacific Coast of Ecuador offers gorgeous sunset views year round and amazing SUMMER temperatures of ONLY 77-80 Fahrenheit day highs and 70-74 Fahrenheit night lows. In WINTER, Manta temperatures average day highs are 78-84, 70-74 lows. The tour includes breakfast, lunches, 5 planned dinners, and for your benefit, 2 dinners will be on your own, at your own expense. We will have a 6PM welcome RECEPTION on the arrival day. You will receive a SOUVENIR canvas tote bag filled with goodies and a tee shirt! We are now offering the same 9/8 day tour, DO IT LIGHT! tour which includes tour coordinator(me) traveling with the guests for the entire 9/8 tour, tour transportation and guide! All you do is pay your own food and lodging! We will be posting all package options soon! This is as low as $450 per person*, 9 days, 8 nights, all beach communities covered in Manabi! You arrive in Guayaquil at the hotel, you pay for your stay, your own meals and we transport you to Manta to the Host hotel, reception dinner at 6PM. This trip in included in the very reasonable price! DO IT NOW!

I’ve arranged during mid week, beginning at 10AM a 1/2 DAY MEET AND GREET with Expats living in the area and some professionals for a question and answer session over French pastries, juice and coffee. The professionals and expats can answer such inquiries regarding:

  • Dental Care
  • Manta growth, expansion, real estate
  • Medical Care
  • Pet Care
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
  • Learning Spanish options


We will enjoy a lunch together afterwards. I DO NOT SELL real estate, I have no hidden agenda, I simply share my joy of discovering Manabi.

So IF you are looking to take a FUN vacation which includes a 1/2 day boat excursion, from Puerto Lopez for whale watching(summer only) or a private island(winter tours), where you will enjoy the beautiful Pacific Coast of Ecuador and various Expat communities, then this is just the EXPERIENCE for you! If the dates for “your chosen” PRIVATE tour is in winter, Jan-Mar, the boat excursion, from Puerto Lopez, is to the Isla de Plata, and includes snorkeling, private beach, sun bathing, etc.The tour includes free time throughout the week. During your free time, the Pacoche Rainforest can be toured, for an additional fee during free time morning/afternoon in Manta. My team member leads this tour. The boat excursion occurs at the end of the week long tour, when we are staying in Puerto Lopez and stay 1 night.

*$895 for a solo traveler, private tour for one.  $450 per person 2 – 6 people, private intimate tour, no more than 6 in a group.

FYI – price comparisons for cruises are noted below:
**2018 average cruise revenue and expense per passenger

Ever wonder where the money goes? Here is a breakdown of the estimated 2018 average cruise revenue and expense per passenger for all cruise lines world wide. The average per passenger per day is projected to be $212.80, with $161.26 ticket price and $62.16 on board spending (average cruise duration 8.0 days, median duration 7.0 days).

If you are ready to book a tour, please review the CANCELLATION policy prior to booking. Please note the $250 deposit is fully refundable with 48 hours, the cancellation policy link explains it all. 

All it takes is a $250 deposit for each person upon selecting your dates to hold the date requested. The cancellation policies are explained in the link to the cancellation policy. Our payment system does take credit cards and PayPal, and we have the best security available for SECURE payments! Check it out, RESERVE YOUR SPOT, and come have the time of your life and when you are here, leave your cares behind and find your joy on the Manta Pacific Coast Beaches of Ecuador.