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Exploring the Pacific Coast of Manta, Ecuador, JUST DO IT!

UPDATE! We are NOW offering different package options for your Exclusive ‘INTIMATE’ Private Tour. There will be what we call Do It Right or Do It Light packages! This info is on the tour tab above. I DO NOT SELL real estate, I have no hidden agenda, I simply share my joy of discovering Manabi.

You’ll be able to learn in just 9 days if Manta, Ecuador or the nearby beach communities are intriguing for you and how you could possibly improve your lifestyle with less expense and less stress, by simply escaping to a different culture outside of the US or Canada. This tour can be just a vacation for you, or it can be an exploring tour for you to see what expat living is all about in Ecuador, on the Pacific Coast with breathtaking ocean views in every fishing village and beach community. By taking a private 9 day/8 night tour vacation to explore the Pacific Coast communities of Ecuador, this tour might be just what you need for the summer of 2020 or 2021! Basically it is a PERSONAL tour with myself and a local driver with extensive knowledge of the area. We contract with Manta with Juan* for all transportation. I am now considered an expat, who chose to sell everything and relocate, purchase a condo, and live in beautiful Manabí Province, and the metropolitan city of Manta. I have been an expat for over three years now, moving from my home of 37 years in Orlando, Florida and originally being from the state of Kentucky. I am now a foreign registered resident of Ecuador, I have an Investor Visa. I will share with you why I fell in love with Manta, Ecuador and why I chose to live here. Many North Americans, from the US and Canada have chosen to make the Pacific Coast of Ecuador their home! Some are retired, some are just looking for a less stressful lifestyle and work from home. Knowing many people are curious as to why someone would choose to live in Ecuador, THIS is now the motivator for me, to facilitate and coordinate these informational tours. I have found many people are curious and have seen much about Ecuador on International House Hunter episodes. This tour helps you see the beautiful Pacific Coastline Communities of Ecuador and you will meet many expats during the tour. This tour gives you freedom and flexibility, unlike a cruise, it’s a private personal tour lead by me with Ecuadorians.   We meet many expats at each stay! I’ve now been here for three years, and I love it! Now the tour is designed for a minimum of 1 person. We can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons. The discount will depend on hotel and bed requirements for the guests. Double occupancy will save $$$. This is the preferred type of private tour many desire. Yes we can accommodate a “private group¨up to 6  found on the tour tab of this website and a price per each person. Pricing and details are found on the tour tab of this website. If saving money is the desire we can try to build a tour up to 6 people for you to reduce price. Also, remember, your stay will be customized to your desired dates. In 2020, the dates can be between June 2, 2020 – September 22, 2020 and May 25, 2021 – September 14, 2021. YOU PICK THE DATES and with your deposit, your private tour will be secured. All stays on this excursion INCLUDE 8 nights, HOTELS INCLUDED IN TOUR FEE.(price includes airport area hotel and transportation to Manta)** You will stay in 3 beautiful Pacific Ocean beach communities of Ecuador, BEACHSIDE, beginning in Puerto Lopez up to Canoa, ending back at the starting point, our host Hotel in Manta! In between there are a multitude of Expat beachfront communities, which we will explore as we tourI DO NOT SELL real estate, I have no hidden agenda, I simply share my joy of discovering Manabi.

*If Manta with Juan is unavailable we have others we contract and they are very fluent in English as well
**We also pay for your hotel stay in Guayaquil and transportation to Manta the next day, after a nice rest and good breakfast to start your new Adventure, discover Manta, Ecuador and the Manabi Province. We do not pay for your travel from the US or Canada to Guayaquil, that is separate expense for you the adventurer. We do not pay for transportation after the tour ends.


Traveler Reviews

Steve Kaps

Highly Recommended

My wife and I\'ve traveled with Lisa and known her for many years; we\'re really looking forward to the trip. She has shown me some of the best times of my life, and Ecuador looks to be the perfect place to visit- a great combination!

Mary Ann Richardson

Highly Recommended

I haven’t been yet but I’m super excited to try it! The place looks beautiful and Lisa is a lot of fun!! I would never have thought of Ecuador if she hadn’t shown the pictures!

Kim Collins

Highly Recommended

I have been to Quito and can’t wait to discover Manta. I have travelled numerous times with Lisa and am trusting in her vacation choices!!

Sandy Lee

Highly Recommended

Last summer I spent 10 days visiting Lisa in Manta Ecuador. Juan, the tour guide took us to several beaches along the coast toward Puerto Lopez. Some of the coastline runs along the mountainside forming beautiful cliffs while other areas of coastline are sparkling clean sand beaches. We also toured a rain forest, the fish market and the Museum of the Revolution. One night I was serenaded by a mariachi band in a quaint little restaurant in town. If you like mall shopping, you will enjoy the Mall Del Pacifico, a new multilevel shopping mall near the beach in Manta. The days were full of sunshine and the night sunsets were stunning. Although I didn\'t take this specific tour, I do recommend visiting the coast with Lisa for a fun and enjoyable time.

Anthony Rodarte

Highly Recommended

Ecuador is a beautiful country and I would highly recommend Lisa as a tour guide if you are considering a trip!

Karen Reynolds

Highly Recommended

Lisa is a great tour guide. I’ve known her for 25 years and we have travelled together many times. I have just booked by second trip to visit her and see more of beautiful Ecuador.

Jewel Wrenn

Highly Recommended

Lisa is a great tour guide. Very knowledgeable about the area and resourceful.

Mary Ann Lee

Highly Recommended

Such a fun, exciting itinerary! You will definitely enjoy this trip and you’ll learn a lot.

Lisa the Explorer

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